A Golden Opportunity

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Aug 30, 2022
A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Chance

We currently reside in a nation, in a political landscape, in a social environment that is presented on a daily basis with the absolute evidence that the present situation is as a direct result of the last 24 years of Rainbow Governance.

A nation where the plan to alter place names is deemed to expunge the past.

A country where affirmative activity has actually shown to be completely inoperable due to a culture of need rather than capitalism.

A system that has come a cropper to level the playing area in favour of the formerly deprived.

Unable to deliver substitute workers qualified to undertake the jobs and also placements they desire.

An education system that decreases the bar to allow the masses access to tertiary education. Only to come a cropper and fall by the wayside bleating at the oppression that is frequently as a direct result of their very own inexperience, overemphasized expectations and also minimal capabilities. Where those extremely frustrated people seek redress in torching their institutions of discovering showing their educated logical technique of dispute, settlement and reason.

We stay in a nation where role models are on an everyday basis being hauled up before courts, tribunals, inquiries, judicial evaluations and every various other lawful device with the ability of subjecting the system, being native, repeated over the last quarter of a century perpetrated on scriptural percentages of rife corruption, self-enrichment as well as profiteering with scant respect to their moral obligation to the people as well as position they held.

These good example are none apart from elected officials left with the running of the government, market, our wellness solutions, authorities services, social solutions, education and learning, military as well as a huge selection of other institutes and entities.

This is a country that launched its liberty on the wings of a constitution the envy of the globe, to make all males equivalent, all guys free.

In the period of a quarter of a century, not the thousands of years that male’s impacts have actually enhanced the earth, you have actually solitarily made mockery of that constitution, belittled your flag, disgraced your kind.

You are in charge of your very own demise and screech like stuck pigs now that time has actually reduced your greed as well as the day of numeration is upon you.

This is the nation that cries wolf long right into the night about the oppressions of discrimination and also the rolling results of its influence.

This is akin to me laying blame at the door of my parents having actually flown the nest, set out on my own, fell short, failed miserably, fell short unforgivably and mentioning that it was all their fault not acknowledging my own unyielding acts.

This is a country where those currently under the microscopic lense cry persecution and also have the audacity to demand and also typically obtain their lawful bills paid by the state and also thus the taxpayer to defend the vast fortunes stolen from the extremely segments of culture being asked, no being told they will certainly have to pay.

This is a nation, a federal government that have actually chosen that land expropriation without compensation is the way onward. This based upon dubious analysis of the legislation, much more for political suitability than fair governance.

These exploits have actually put South Africa honest and aboveboard in the headlights of the global neighborhood as opposed to the international treaty which looks upon land expropriation without compensation as unlawful. A treaty of which South Africa is a signature.

It is a considered that international financiers will certainly not invest in a nation run by burglars that turn the constitution to their own ends. Just as much it is a considered that to endure countries require inward investment.

South Africa, you are a country awakening to the truth that under your really noses for the last 25 years of your background your assets have actually been systematically raped and plundered by the few that have the temerity to call themselves your leaders.

You, as South Africans, have much to do.

Personally, you should remove this culture of expectations without initiative as well as input from your side.

You have to examine yourselves, review your goals as well as guide a course.

Ask not what South Africa can do for you yet what you can do for South Africa.

Publically the initial thing you can do is rid on your own of the yoke that cringes your labours. Rid on your own of the nepotism, endemic, unfettered crime that is the high portion of people to whom you left your well being.

Cut cancer out as if it was the really essence of what your life depends upon, which it does.

Rally to the tenets of the constitution mounting it back in its area of honour.

However more than this if you can grasp the idea and also confiscate the minute you, and also you alone can stop the fragmentation right into a banana republic run by criminal blood drawing leeches

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