Green Tea to Treat Naturally the Urinary Infection

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Mar 27, 2018
Green Tea to Treat Naturally the Urinary Infection

Green Tea to Treat Naturally the Urinary Infection

A great green tea from Sri Lanka Ceylon or Sri Lanka, put the name you want. It is true that it is one of the best green teas you can try in the Indian Ocean area.

Ceylon is a small island in southern India. But it has earned its due reputation in what has to do with the world of tea. Is that it is one of the top producers in the field. Or, at least, one of the highest quality.

Like India, Sri Lanka (as this island is also called) stands out for its high quality black tea production. But they also make an excellent tea that you will be able to know in depth when you read this note.

How is Ceylon green tea The methods used in the production of tea in Ceylon are based on the best of the market. Both the Chinese and Japanese formulas are the ones that stand out when it comes to making this type of crops on the island, as well as in the final process.

Ceylon green tea is generally produced in the upper-middle zone of the island. And it is also inspired by varieties such as Gunpowder, Sou Mei and others from the Far East. Needless to say, its quality is unique and unalterable.

When you consume a good green tea of Ceylon, you have to wait for something fruity, with hints of oranges and other citrus fruits. This taste also herbal is present in the mouth and lets you appreciate a drink of excellent quality, no doubt.

And for your luck, it is usually produced organically, so the bet is double.

Other varieties of green tea

Do you want to discover other varieties of tea for your delight? That will not be any problem. It is only a matter of finding the one that you consider most appropriate to your tastes and giving it a chance. Let’s see what you think of these varieties!

Konacha, economic and almost powder. A tea that is rooted in the popular classes, because it is very economical. It comes almost pulverized, something that is not synonymous with good quality, but it is left to drink without problems.

Hojicha, with a touch of toast. A Japanese tea that stands out for having a toasted touch that feels really good. Special if you want to find some smoky tints in your drink.

Bancha, a classic. It is one of the most popular Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder in the world. Rich, simple and achieved almost anywhere.