Properties of Green Tea Against Anguish

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Apr 04, 2018
Properties of Green Tea Against Anguish

Properties of Green Tea Against Anguish

Beneficial effects of green tea to calm the feeling of anguish A new study conducted in Japan comes to light, which indicates that green tea would have beneficial effects to calm the feeling of anguish. This research was carried out, as more and more people are affected by this psychological illness, which brings with it an impact on society in general, hence the importance of the properties of green tea, against this psychological disorder.

It is very likely that on more than one occasion you have felt anguish throughout your life. This negative feeling often does not have a real cause of existence.

In general, it arises as a concern for something that may happen in the future and about which there is no control whatsoever.

Many times it becomes a vicious circle: after the anguish has been experienced “for no reason”, an anguished attitude appears before the prospect of feeling these feelings again.

Symptoms of anguish

Palpitations and tachycardias Excessive sweating Tremors Drowning sensation Nausea and abdominal discomfort Dizziness Depersonalization Fear of losing control Afraid to die Tingling of the extremities Chills or suffocations

Tea can be an effective remedy to eliminate or mitigate distress. At least that is what scientific research indicates.

According to the WHO, around 450,000,000 people in the world suffer from stress, which brings with it a situation of anguish.

Taking into account this situation, different investigations have been made to try to understand what are the causes of appearance and how to counteract this situation.

What scientific study has been carried out?

Such is the case of a new study conducted in Japan, which indicates the beneficial effects of green tea on the feeling of anguish.

This was done to 42,093 people, of which 6.6% (2774 people) suffered from psychological stress. The latter took tea to improve their emotional well-being.

During the study an inversely proportional relationship was observed between the intake of green tea and the appearance of episodes of distress.

Those who drank 5 cups a day suffered less distress, compared to those who only drank 1 cup of green tea a day.

Conclusions of the study

According to the data obtained, this research concluded that taking 5 cups of green tea daily reduces the incidence of distress.

[]Dragon Well Long Jing Tea is widely known and recognized for its medicinal properties in all parts of the world. The benefits that can bring to the body, are able to improve health and are scientifically proven.

These act on different diseases such as: Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Obviously, it is necessary to continue carrying out research in this regard, to further confirm these results. In addition, to know for sure, what is the mechanism of action and what substances are involved in the cure of certain diseases.