Home - Your Sanctuary

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Apr 07, 2020
Home - Your Sanctuary

Home - Your Sanctuary

Home has taken on a new meaning, and we must accept and embrace the new normal. We must not think of it as punishment, isolation or quarantine, no, it is refuge and safe haven from a threatening world. Feng shui has always advocated that the entry to our home should make us feel like having arrived at refuge and shelter. More than ever we now need protection from an invisible new sha qi (chi) that is attacking our well-being. The threshold to the Self sector of your home is the transition from a hostile environment on the outside to the safety and comfort of your sanctuary on the inside.

Never before has the Health sector been as relevant as right now. You can find it in the center of the bagua as you superimpose it on the floor plan of your home. We know from early indicators on the feng shui Paht Chee chart that illness is a major threat for 2020 and that this threat is strengthened by the fire element from the south. The center as well is compromised and needs special feng shui adjustments according to Lillian Too’s forecasts for the year of the Metal Rat. We have always paid special attention to and upheld the significance of the Health gua as the hub on the spoke of feng shui pathways between sectors. This year Lillian Too recommends a water feature for the center gua. Alternate feng shui cures could be décor features in blue or black. Blue is a soothing color that can lower blood pressure and calm anxiety and panic.

In a journey around the bagua, we find that each and every sector takes on new meaning with the threat of a global crisis. Self-Cultivation and Knowledge are crucial with extra care for personal hygiene and research for additional information. In our circle of Family and Friends we use extra caution and distance to keep each other safe. Community and togetherness can be served with face time and zoom meetings. Prosperity and abundance are now a matter of having adequate supplies and finding medical equipment for those who’re ill. The Future gua is now where we focus our hope and prayers for healing and preventive measures. Relationships are being tested for strength and support. Distance is overcome with telecommunication and social networking. Creativity needs to be cranked up for keeping children occupied and entertained while homebound. Creative thinking will improve all aspects of life and ultimately result in a more nurturing home environment. Compassion and Helpful People is the sector where we find those who risk their own lives to help others. Medical staffs are overworked and exposed to being infected. They need our support.

DYI home improvements could be turned into projects that will distract from disturbing news and instead provide a new focus. Clutter clearing and deep cleaning can be a healing activity at a time when our environment needs to be disinfected.

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