Prayer America s Hope

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Sep 12, 2022
Prayer America s Hope

Prayer: America’s Hope

America was improved the foundation and also understanding that our liberties are gifted to us from the Creator. It is odd to me that God is one of the last places we think to search for the reconstruction of our flexibilities. We rally and cry out to the government, “Give us our freedoms back!” We whine to our family and friends as well as we groan in front of the tv. For over a year, Tea Parties and also like teams have actually toiled to seek the federal government, elect new leaders, and combat bad bills. To day, the new leaders have actually betrayed us, the government neglects us, and costs obtain passed silently in the night. The even more we deal with, the a lot more hopeless we come to be, yet little has actually transformed. People are now knowledgeable about the misguided leadership betraying our country yet no person understands what to do.

America, pray! There is no higher authority then our God as well as there disappears powerful a device than beseeching Him to save us. If our rights are offered to us by the Creator and also we turn from Him for our own selfish ambition, why are we shocked that He enables us to be led by wolves? We have to once more turn our eyes humbly in the direction of Paradise. There, God waits to retrieve us and also restore our freedoms.When we made a decision that God had no area in our lives, we turned in our God-given civil liberties and traded them for lies spoken by power-hungry males promising us the globe, so we follow them. Our teamed believe that we had actually evolved past a “simpleton” require for and also idea in a God. We assumed that “We individuals” wielded sufficient power to maintain our freedoms without God that provided to us. We thought we were smart enough, wealthy sufficient, and powerful enough to take America right into the 21st century alone. It only took one decade to confirm our folly. “We the People” were not equipped by our mass or our will. “We the People” were established “under God”. It is only under God that we as a country are “indivisible with freedom as well as justice for all”.

It was under the hazard of communism that words “under God” were contributed to the Pledge of Obligation in 1954 to illuminate the fact that God gave America Her greatness. Why? Since communism states that guy might make America excellent, that the benefits in us might create a better justice as well as freedom after that God. Also as late as 1954, America still understood that God was the water fountain of our flexibilities and also was not scared to state it to the world or to anybody that endangered Her sovereignty.It is no coincidence that God has been marked down by our leaders today. Most of us have actually been battling difficult to conserve our flexibilities to ensure that we can keep our God, yet we have it backwards. We need to be dealing with to maintain our God to make sure that we can save our liberties. It is time that we quit playing games with politicians. If we genuinely wish to conserve America we should remember our God. We must hope and also beseech Him. It is time we struck our knees as well as take seriously the statement, “God Save America”.

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