Focus on God's Word and Not Your Problems

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Jan 28, 2018
Focus on God's Word and Not Your Problems

Concentrate on God’s Word and Not Your Issues

As long as somebody stays in this world, problems, obstacles and also problems will emerge.

For a Christian, it will come and also the reason is straightforward: the devil or satan’s primary objective is to obtain the Christian to doubt the truth of God’s Word, the efficacy of God’s Word and the power of God’s Word to solve all difficulties. So satan will throw all manner of barriers at a Christian to make him or her establish mistrust.

If the Christian sadly accepts the obstacles as his destiny and starts to question God’s capability to fix his issues, satan ends up being really happy since that is what he wants to attain.

Since we understand that satan is the root cause of the world’s problems, what are we to do as Christians? We are to concentrate solely on the fact of God’s Word in the Holy Scriptures.

You must understand today that the worse thing that can happen to any kind of human is death. As long as the person is alive, there is hope which hope depends on Christ Jesus alone.

I have an uncle that as soon as told me that many years ago he took a choice, which was that any kind of problem he might not solve was not a trouble as well as he would certainly just overlook it.

This man is over 70 years of age today and also he is still wholesome and hearty since he never troubles himself about the issues of this life.

Dear friend, this is exactly how it should be amongst us Christians. Worrying over your issue will never ever take it away. If anything, concern would just aggravate the circumstance and create you serious health issue.

As a matter of fact, what worry does is to open the door to satan to have a legit right to afflict a Christian with wicked, sickness and disease.

Yes, I agree, the problem is real as well as it is there and also evident.

However, please recognize today that when you select to focus on the fact of God’s Word concerning your situation, not just would it shut the door versus satan’s spiritual assaults yet it would move God to act upon your idea in His Word, for the objective of God keeping the honesty of His Word’s effectiveness and also to proclaim His Holy Name.

The Holy Bible informs us in Philippians 4:6 -7, “Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, yet in every situation and in whatever, by petition and petition (guaranteed requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants understood to God.

And God’s tranquility [will be your own, that tranquil state of a heart guaranteed of its salvation via Christ, therefore fearing nothing from God as well as being content with its earthly great deal of whatever sort that is, that tranquility] which goes beyond all understanding shall garrison as well as place guard over your hearts as well as minds in Christ Jesus.”

If this is what God has actually told us to do in His Word worrying every circumstance that confronts us, then of course do what God has claimed as a proof that you believe Him.

Then the peace of God that transcends all recognizing will be yours as mentioned in His Word in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Bosom friend, God produced you and He likes you more than you can ever recognize. It is only in Christ Jesus you can delight in real peace and also joy here in the world as well as be guaranteed of eternal redemption in the afterlife.

You simply can not get it anywhere else.

Please believe what God has informed us in His Word and you will get the specific same outcome God has promised as long as you preserve your faith in your spirit and admit it verbally to trigger it emotionally for it to materialize literally.

Jesus is the Means, the Truth and also the Life. You can not reach God except through Jesus Christ - John 14:6. Please rely on Him seriously today before it is too late.

Might the good Lord honor you as you observe His Word today, act on it and also share with others in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

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