\"Do Unto Others" and Rebuilding the Temple

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Mar 02, 2020

" Do Unto Others” and also Reconstructing the Temple

When Luke 6:31 -35 is damaged down almost, the focus most certainly moves from the non-participatory to one of a certain hands-on approach. It’s then that we definitely bump into crucial additional navigational abilities for skippering our spirit right into Divine harbor.

In its actual understanding, this bible of course has value, in that, it brings awareness to a global concept of, what we break down comes back to us: the regulation of action and reaction, or, the regulation of domino effect, likewise referred to as the Principle.

Yet, when analyzed more very closely, the scripture is not really making a statement on outer social habits, not settling on something that is patently noticeable to human beings. I suggest, the amount of people mirror minute by moment on an universal law, or memory referral subjects from our physics class days?

It’s so very easy to just read this scripture and then connect it simplistically as something to be consigned to memory only, and at the same time, do away with the usefulness associated with its actualization. To put it simply, intellectual understanding alone of this scripture is not adequate. There needs to be a substantial technique of fulfilling it beyond simply concurring with it in ethical careful means.

In this context, regards its functional application right into our live, there is requirement of a much deeper interpretive direction, concerns this scripture

This write-up sets context, then, as separate from the scripture’s literal analysis, exposes how we might use it in incredibly life-altering means, as intended.

Unraveling ordered bible.

Scriptures, as we know, are greatly ordered. They’re not informative declarations of historical events or associating with certain individuals. They’re not planned to be taken essentially, of referencing either past or future, time-wise. They’re parables, or, metaphorical ideas of sharing deeper insight to self-realization. Therefore, scriptures are pointing within, to the internal aspects of mind, body, spirit. In this context, their deeper understanding is veiled by means of codification. This is so, that we may reflect and take mindful action in looking for solutions from within ourselves - known as Self-referral– as separate from adherence to the ‘natural guy’ inherited shows, we’re each born right into.

Thus, allegorical discussion is essential, for Reality can not be conveyed to us directly via written words. While publications of course are essential, also important, Fact is eventually come upon as Discovery from within ourselves, as straight experiencing.

All-natural Man

The biblical term, ‘natural man’, is that degree of lower-self, non-spiritually developed awareness, which exists before Self-realization. In this context, natural male can not end up being spiritual man/ woman simply through careful acts of compassion with the lower-ego degree of recognition, or by just believing he/ she is spiritually developed. In other words, an idea of God does not total up to the experience of God. So, unless this scripture meets mentally from within, analysis of it is through the natural guy state of consciousness, of selective conscience appeasing.

Luke 6:31 -35, raises an immediate inquiry: who are these ‘others’ as in ‘do unto others as we would have others do unto us’?

To answer: this bible is not describing the literal evident of ‘doing unto various other physical individuals, so they may reciprocate positively unto us’.

In meeting Luke 6:31 -35, there is demand therefore of tangible internal ‘doing’, a procedure of karmic-nullifying work to be carried-out.

Just how then can we perform karmic-nullifying work, just how can we advance beyond the ‘natural male’ ‘Garden of Gethsemane level of awareness, consequently accomplish this scripture spontaneously?

Jazzing up the much deeper awareness

Esoterically, “do unto others” is referencing a procedure of ‘internal doing unto our own inner-self’. A procedure of internal spiritual growth, of enlivening the much deeper consciousness cosmically. A procedure leading to the entire body-temple systems - the 12 internal professors– coming to be sparked right into a functioning dynamic established in Christ: that of bringing the inner mechanisms, the holy place, into a cosmically-functioning system, where all-natural man consciousness can be raised right into the Christ-realized requirement.

In this regard, jazzing up the much deeper consciousness offers the greatest ways of restoring the temple from within, from the mobile degree, thus releasing the hidden keys of Christ prospective unto our heart and mind for sensible manifestation purposes in our daily life.


At this moment, allow us introduce the word ‘service’. ‘Service’, in this context, is that which is automatically provided against the inner professors. Service below means utter silence, the causal dynamic of jazzing up, or restoring, the deeper consciousness. Silence is not static. Silence is the excellent cleanser, the excellent principles neutralizer. Silence is a powerful internal activity, which, when encountered totally, promotes reorientation of the consciousness transcendentally, the nullifying Power of karmic carryover. Silence for that reason re-calibrates the consciousness and the whole body’s internal systems.

In the emotional as well as physiological context, the inner professors, on ending up being awakened spiritually– likewise known as the devotees or fans of Christ– work as the temple building contractor. In this process, consciousness becomes offered whereby our every thought, word and action is carried out via a spiritual-cosmic orientation, standing for vital spirit advancement right into the Higher realm, right into Higher-self I Am prospective.

As the standards of right activity - of ‘doing rightly unto others’– can just be established via our very own Christ-attuned professors, these internal faculties therefore are those God-given means of rebuilding our temple mentally. They are the methods whereby we can individually know and also experience straight Risen Christ consciousness through every cell of our Risen holy place.

Christ-attuned professors, are just how heart and also mind compare right activity as well as wrong action, in between positive and also adverse feeling, in between opinionated lower-ego task as well as spiritual-soul critical. The genesis of best action can constantly be tracked to silence.

What are these Professors?

Functioning as an interactive unit, the 12 professors stand for capacity of full Christ expression. Biblically described as the 12 sons of Jacob - Jacob, symbolizing the non-spiritually stired up heart, and the 12 children symbolizing the 12 non-spiritually developed facets or professors of that soul– the natural male level. It’s through these character-forming professors that the heart meets its overall potential, its complete imaginative expression.

Other faculties, situated along the spinal column, are the seven chakras, or power points, which, when activated, open the path for Kundalini life force to climb from the base chakra located at the bottom of the back, to the crown chakra at the top of the head. This universal life pressure, on arriving of the head, awakens the important pineal and also pituitary glands, a level referred to in yogic terms as Samadhi or Enlightenment– fully grown capability of spiritual discernment.

Activation of this brain-cranial nerves chakra-glandular dynamic, from their standard natural male offering, right into higher spiritual service, continues to be private duty.

Internal solution is additionally the importance behind Jesus washing the apostle’s feet, definition, cleaning the understanding to work at the Higher realms of discernment, wherein the ‘all-natural male’ intellect is made undaunted in a combined approach of joined-up reasoning and also decision-making.

Five Senses

Since outer perception is governed by internal understanding, various other professors such as the five ordinary senses of understanding– touch, preference, smell, view, hearing - are additionally in need of accelerating, desensitizing away from compulsion to instant feeling satisfaction in the worldly globe.

This is what is meant when Jesus claimed: “bring them (the five loaves/ 5 senses) to Him (Christ within) Matthew:14 -18. Both fish usually symbolize 2 opposing states of self in need of combination– higher and also lower self. This is achieved with left/ appropriate mind comprehensibility, causing the fully working pineal as well as pituitary glands, located in the brain.

So, back to the bible concerned “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”. When checked out esoterically, the concealed message ends up being apparent: if we wish to serve from a cosmically-aligned awareness, after that we should initially serve the resources whereby such nature emanates. In other words, by serving the “others” within - the inner professors– we become offered by these “others”, which coincides as: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, whereby the procedure of restoring our individual holy place can take place.

The 12 faculty facilities and also their objective

Peter - faith, as in: upon our own rock [of belief] shall we construct our church, our awareness - pineal gland/ facility brain.

Andrew– strength of mind, body as well as spiritual purpose - Loins.

James– boy of Zebedee, professors of knowledge, reasoning, discernment - solar plexus/ pit of tummy.

John - possibility of unconditional love - heart.

Philip - power, as in spiritual power via Christ within - throat, origin of tongue

Bartholomew - imagination, where creative thought materializes - between the brows.

Thomas - greater understanding, consistent intellect - front brain.

Matthew - divine will rather than all-natural guy will - center front brain.

James - order, a cosmically orientated mind-body system– marine.

Simon - zeal, enthusiasm, commitment - medulla, back of head.

Thaddeus - renunciation, removal of habitual error with mindful denial as well as affirmation - stomach.

Judas - life conserver - generative feature.

Bringing about ‘do unto others’ degree of consciousness

Meditation-silence kick-starts the whole procedure. To start with, it initiates inner calm and also tranquility, which, consequently decreases the breathing system to its lowest possible rate, wherein carbon dioxide excess into the body, is decreased drastically.

This silence-stillness dynamic in turn reverberates throughout the mind-body holy place to gradually form Currently understanding, or straight present-moment understanding. Therefore, while still operating in time, we outgrow time’s clinging effect on the heart. Time comes to be absorbed right into infinity. The emphasis changes, whereby, Transcendental awareness changes ‘time’ as our master.

Reflection therefore is the process of stimulating the 12 professors, of bringing universes to the general mind-body framework, including at the mobile degree. Upon entering into mental silence, the initial point we notice is the turmoil, the swirling mess of the chaotic reasoning mind. Bumping into this chaotic task without anticipation, has actually caused numerous a budding trainee of reflection to quit, saying: ‘meditation doesn’t work for me’. They state this, not recognizing that this mental activity is typical to experience. Right here, we may well ask: just how am I to practice meditation via every one of this psychological disturbance?

The fact is, Heightened silence is ever-present. It’s just a matter of developing a void in the thought chain, whereby transcendental nature can progressively end up being infused into the nature of mind. It’s within this Heightened silence, this website or space, that lower-self vanity can not endure, as in, “where I go you can not come” John: 8-21

As a result, initially of reflection technique, psychological task is regular– it’s when subdued thoughts start defrosting and emerging right into aware understanding, consequently, conscious assimilation.

Hence one more biblical expression Matthew: 5-43-48 ‘love thine opponents’ - ‘opponents’ meaning our thoughts– meaning, taking out judgmental interest from whatever is occupying the conscious mind during meditation. But, in taking out focus non-judgmentally, there is no conscious effort to like our ideas/ enemies. Remaining neutral, we just remain existing to the activity in a non-involved means. It’s this act of being present within which relates to ‘like thine opponents’.

Thus, it’s by neutral awareness in love-silence that the grooved mental-emotional scars, brought on by uncontrollable incorrect thinking as well as abuse of the imagination, over extended periods of time, become healed.

Consistent re-starts

The first regulation of deep space is, order. For that reason, it’s by this non-attached regard in reflection that chaos progressively translates right into order - the mind ending up being silence-cultured, seasoned, or, cosmically established. Thoughts are viewed as transient, passing through for experiencing, without requirement of their appealing.

Since utter silence total up to internal crucifixion, the lower-ego, in its resistance, in its attempt at maintaining prominence over our free choice, regularly lures the mind back right into sense gratification. Soon it emerges that, meditation is a practice of constant restarts after mind-drifting. This as well is regular. However, here, each reactivate commences from a deeper level than the disturbance factor - no reflection ever restarts from the exact same degree, it never locates us where it left us. This s just how we make and identify development. Continuous restarts are which refine the intelligence right into coming to be resolute, which facilitate experiential expansion of transcendental nature right into the whole mind- body-physiology.

So, whether great/ negative, favorable/ negative, the procedure stays the exact same, that of viewing without opening up any idea links.

Getting in the Temple

The Scriptures further advises us: Jesus– standing for the stiring up Flicker within the spirit seeking the eternal Christ Criterion– went into the temple: meaning, divine existence undertaking taking apart the status quo degree of spiritual-ignorance within our overall consciousness. A procedure of spiritualizing the subconscious all-natural man state right into among incorporated, harmonious-soul ‘order’. A procedure of deactivating the sin-based frameworks of lower-self way of thinkings, and also a restoring of the whole mind-body framework right into among ‘magnificent life in abundance’ through Understood Christ within. Really, this totals up to a transformation of seismic percentage within our total recognition, emotionally.

To conclude

When reflected upon non-literally, it becomes apparent that ‘do unto others’ is describing the re-alignment of the 12 non-spiritually energetic faculties right into active involvement in the unfolding of divine Will with our very own Resurrected innovative awareness.

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