Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Mar 23, 2020
Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic

Anxiety of Death While Residing In a Pandemic

The truth is not, “There is absolutely nothing to fear yet fear itself”. The reality is, “Anxiety is absolutely nothing to be afraid”!

This takes us to the best fact - there is nothing to fear!

However, this does not suggest that we should not be afraid.

Concern is a messenger in the same way that discomfort is a carrier inviting us to examine and discover what is incorrect.

Fear shows up when we ignore what holds true, real, substantial, essential, long-term about ourselves and also the world.

Anxiety is our healthy resistance to what we do not desire - pain, injury, discomfort, suffering, health issues and also death.

Yet these are inescapable in our human experience. These are experiences that we have all had numerous times (besides death), that we have endured and also learned from as well as will certainly continue to endure and learn from till we pass away. We require not fear them, yet we do require to resist as well as avoid them, and also fear is the form our resistance takes.

Now we reach the one experience we have actually never experienced, yet which most of us fear - death. Our existential fear of fatality is our resistance to our fatality. Why withstand it when it is inescapable? This is not to recommend that we refrain from doing everything to avoid and withstand undesirable, unsafe situations by making sure as well as acting in ways that make us safe. Yet, why resist death?

Our resistance to fatality leads to imagining insane points like, “There is a correct time as well as an appropriate method to pass away, as well as a wrong time as well as a wrong way to pass away”. In truth, fatality shows up at all times in all methods. For many it has been and also will be the COVID-19 virus. For numerous, 20,000 or so this year alone, it has been the flu. For 3.1 million kids annually according to UNCIEF (1.03 million this year alone) it is undernourishment.

We can find out, gradually or all at once, to live our life without resistance to death - our own as well as our loved ones’. Imagine what it would certainly be like to live our life that way - without resisting the fact that one day we will certainly die while never understanding when or just how; as well as not resisting the pain of loss, which is constructed from the love for our loved ones. As death is inevitable, we can involve enjoy the reality that we were born and also are still here and relish every moment we have actually left. This is what we arrive at when we welcome our fear of death, uncover that concern is nothing to be afraid, which in reality there is absolutely nothing to be afraid.

While this indicates that we require not hesitate, it does not recommend that we ought to no longer experience concern. Once again, worry, like discomfort, is a carrier that welcomes us to discover what is incorrect and also subjects our resistance to something. There are numerous things we need to withstand for health and safety - like resisting being in close proximity to others throughout this pandemic.

We understand that the body will die, and our team believe that when the body dies we pass away since our team believe that all we are is the body. We assume it is a fact that the body is the resource of recognition - the awareness with which we are aware of all experience and our selves. In reality, it is an anticipation, not a reality. No one has ever seen recognition appearing of the brain, or experiences appearing of the body. It is a truth of our experience that we know which we pick up and view; yet it is a theory that the body is the resource of these.

This concept, presumed to be a truth, comes from the undeniable connection in between the brain and also experience. Impact the brain and we impact experience. Kill the body and also there is no more experience for this person. (There is no experience for anyone in deep sleep, yet we do not state the Self has disappeared/died). Nonetheless, this is no various that affecting our computers and displays as well as affecting the info that is seasoned, and then wrapping up that the monitor and also computer are the resource or cause of the details. Could it be that the body is like the laptop, a neighborhood, “personal” implies where we access the transmission capacity of global, impersonal information that is available to all computer systems; and just as that transmission capacity of details stays when the laptop passes away, so Being, Awareness, “I” remains?

The truth that everybody as “individuals” wish for eternal life and also the majority of us rely on life after death or reincarnation might be a hint in our minds and sensations that we are not just the body, that the body is not the source of recognition, and that when the body dies we, recognition do not disappear any more than the transmission capacity of information vanishes when a laptop, computer system, tablet, or cellular phone passes away.

Recognition is the source of all experience. This is very easy to examination. Get rid of understanding from any type of experience as well as where exists any experience? Our experience of what believed tags the body, mind and world is our experience of sensation, sensing, believing, picturing, as well as viewing. Remove understanding as well as where is the experience of feeling, picking up, thinking, imagining, and viewing? Experience inform us that understanding is the source of all experience, which believed after that identifies body, mind, and also world.

Absolutely nothing in experience indicates that the body is the resource of awareness. This is an universally shared suggestion assumed to be a fact. It is not our real, prompt, intimate experience. That the planet is level which the sunlight focuses on the earth were likewise globally shared suggestions required truths (still done so by some). Our sentence that something is true does not make it so, although it makes it appear genuine just as our dreams do till we awake.

No person has ever, or might ever before experience the appearance or disappearance of awareness - our Self. Thought visualizes that understanding shows up and disappears. Nonetheless, when we do not refer to thought, yet adhere to our real, lived, intimate, immediate experience, we identify that we have never ever and might never experience the appearance and disappearance of understanding itself. What would need to exist to claim to experience the look and also loss of awareness? Why, awareness, certainly!

Idea imagines that every little thing needs to have a cause, and also this is true besides the “original reason”. If matter “triggered” awareness, what triggered issue? If the big bang caused issue, what created the huge bang? Remaining real to our real, immediate, intimate experience we understand that recognition merely is as well as has no cause; it just is. We have actually never experienced its look, and also we have actually never experienced it’s loss. It is only assumed that thinks of awareness appears as well as vanishes, not our actual experience. We can consider this as causeless cause. If we intend to think religiously we can ask, “What caused God?”

In other words, we have no evidence in our actual experience that when the body dies we, the Self, awareness passes away. Also if we do disappear when we die, what exists to be afraid? From that model, we did not exist before conception, which was not an issue, or frightening. Why would certainly disappear after that be frightening? We come back to the realization that fatality is absolutely nothing to fear, either due to the fact that there is no fatality, or due to the fact that disappearing is not any more troublesome than not existing prior to conception.

To summarize, the truth is that we have nothing to fear, and also fear is absolutely nothing to fear. Yet worry is a healthy and balanced reaction in the same way that pain is. It gets our focus so we can check out as well as heal what is incorrect when possible. When it concerns our emotional distress, what is incorrect is that we are neglecting our real nature - that which understands our experience. When we discover the nature of this awareness that we are from our prompt, intimate experience, we notice it is ever-present, having actually been present from our extremely initial experience, being present checking out these words, as well as will certainly be present at our last experience. We see that it is not an object with form and also location. In other words it is timeless as well as limitless. We notice that no experience can reduce or boost it, that is, it is changeless. Nothing can damage it. It needs absolutely nothing while recognizing everything. It is devoid of all experience while intimate with all experience. Thus, to characterize recognition, it is risk-free, peaceful, secure and also self-fulfilled. This is, in reality our real nature.

When we ignore our real Self, awareness, our team believe and feel that we are minimal, vulnerable, doing not have, separate, needy individuals as well as seek to find tranquility, joy, protection, convenience and also fulfillment from things beyond ourselves like relationships, items, circumstances, activities, substances, accomplishments, standing, and so on. Not surprising that fear shows up! Bear in mind, worry is a messenger. When our team believe as well as really feel that safety, peace as well as happiness are missing out on, wee demand to seek these, yet we require to look in the right direction. No one wants short-term security, joy and also gratification we currently experience this. What we wish for is following, long-term peace, security, comfort, happiness, fulfilment.=. To seek what is long-term from that which is short-term is, well, you fill in the blank.

Welcome concern as well as search for freedom from fear, first by accepting and accepting it, and after that by exploring its resource.

There is nothing to fear actually, which does not suggest, “Do not be afraid”. It indicates, “Explore to learn what holds true”.


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