2020 - The Year Of Clarity - Good or Bad?

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Dec 07, 2020
2020 - The Year Of Clarity - Good or Bad?

2020 - The Year Of Clearness - Excellent or Bad?

Since I can remember we have actually never had to deal with so much unfavorable energy “all at once culture” ever. now obviously I can’t say the human race has never dealt with anything similar to this ever before BUT in my time, in our part of the world - not similar to this year!

What regarding you, your family members, your good friends how are you and also every person you understand holding up? Several of you either have experienced ruining challenges in addition to loss and/or you understand someone that has.

What are you doing to survive these challenging times? Just how has 2020 altered you?

This has absolutely been the year of clearness for me and also my family members. I constantly valued life as brief and vulnerable in many means. Loss is a part of life which is and also will constantly be unpreventable yet in 2020 as a society we have seen loss in astonishing, inconceivable numbers!

We have experienced just how breakable our society is when we view people switch on each other and of course we have observed this before yet we currently see individuals who would certainly never ever harm anybody turn into vigilantes, taking the regulation into their own hands, ruining other individuals’s lives because they have actually lost, they are disappointed, they are hurt!

What can we do? What is the service? Who can fix this?

Maybe specific key players who are in power on the planet could have dealt with things better, maybe you or your next-door neighbor could handle things far better but you understand what actually pisses me off?

When other individuals make me feel like I am the issue for wearing a mask, or fretting about COVID-19 murder someone in my family such as my 5-year-old granddaughter who in 2015 prior to COVID-19 practically lost her life over an acute rhinitis as her lungs collapsed as a result of her being immune endangered - what is mosting likely to occur if COVID-19 hits our household - somebody is going to pass away.

So I’m not being over dramatic I am in security setting!

What concerning you how has the pandemic (which I include we had absolutely nothing to do with the production of this problem) affected you? Are you amazed at exactly how it has brought the worst out in humankind?

Currently in stating that I likewise have experienced some remarkable outreach by individuals who for absence of far better words, sacrificed their very own security to aid people whom they didn’t also recognize or they could have turned the various other way as well as ignored what was happening.

As an example on a smaller sized scale … my boy who was a security personnel in a very hectic city caught several wrongdoers benefiting from the pandemic as well as stealing with the intent of marketing simply to earn a profit for themselves(they actually really did not require to, it was greed).

There was this fellow who can be found in to his shop as well as took a phone charger, upon arresting the young fellow, my boy asked why he was stealing, what has actually made him intend to take. It was obvious he had never ever done this previously.

As a quick side note most times when my boy would jail people he was always interested to understand why people would certainly take, often it was noticeable however other times it really did not make sense - sometimes he found himself giving individuals breaks (prior to COVID-19) and also speaking with them as well as routing them in such a way to aid.

So back to this young other … he proceeded to tell my child that he has no money, no job and no where’s to live. The only point he had actually left was a mobile phone for which he had actually shed the charger. He said he seen a truly good expensive battery charger which would have been fantastic but he stole only what he genuinely required - a $20 battery charger to obtain him through … he stated because of COVID-19 he remained in this scenario - his company was closed down and he didn’t qualify for any sort of funding because of errors he made in his past. He then claimed he can handle a whole lot however if he loses his capacity to utilize his cell at Wi-Fi centers he can not correspond with the globe he knew, then that would certainly be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’m thinking a cellular phone actually, I can not relate to that and thank god I have been privileged to not have to. I have actually been down on my luck sometimes not knowing where I was going to obtain $10 yet never ever homeless and also never ever without some kind of morale support.

This man had “nothing” as well as just for the document my son discovered every one of this just since he was relentless in discovering why this man would certainly steal a low-cost butt charger when his record showed he had actually never been charged for anything as well as by the way he tackled stealing the battery charger … my child recognized this person wasn’t good at taking.

So my child who takes his job serious and would typically just send out the man on his means without billing him as he felt bad for him and also counted on the person … he decided to have the other who stole the charger sit in area by himself and also informed him to consider what has actually happened however he would be right back.

He returned and also offered the individual the battery charger he swiped and provided him some areas to go where they will certainly assist him, provide him relax as well as feed him. He then sent him on his way however the young fellow was puzzled.

He asked my son why would you allow me to steal this battery charger after generally arresting me for the exact same point. My kid continued to tell him “I’m not letting you take it, I acquired it for you as a gift to assist you out and I wish you take a few of my advice as well as seek the aid you require as well as I hope life treats you much better as right now you are just down on your luck but points will certainly get better” WOW! - That’s My Child!

I tell this story because you need to recognize my son, he has an excellent heart but if you met him in a dark street you would certainly crap your pants as this guy allows and also frightening looking by times specifically in his function where he has to be major as well as not let people take merchandise. He has actually been in situations where he has practically been knifed, shot at, he has been typed the mouth as well as lost teeth but he still shows compassion to those that deserve it as well as also occasionally to those who don’t deserve it!

Why can’t we as a mankind despite colour, sex, background etc show some moments of empathy to others?

Why have not we learned that individuals have sensations, have family members, are humans that injure the like all - their tales have actually made them that they are and also their scenarios urge them to behave the method they do - the only thing I motivate you to do (if nothing else) - the next time you see someone who pisses you off ask yourself why and try to look beyond the prompt efficiency and also think “What has occurred to he or she to make them act this way or chat by doing this” - this can aid diffuse an extremely unstable scenario. I understand this for reality as I have been in some really serious scenarios that can have been life altering in a very negative means however here I am talking with you today!

I want learning about your experiences with COVID-19 and also effect it has had on your life - feel in one’s bones you may remain in a tight spot and also it might feel like no one cares but I can ASSURE you somewhere out there in the big negative globe, someone cares.

Be Blessed!

I want assisting others as does my son nevertheless my strategy on helping is a bit different - this post was my means of returning to those of you having a hard time during this Pandemic now and if you are seeing this months/years later I hope this aids.

My child runs a site under the name of JC Tambo Web Solutions [https://jctambowebservices.com] as well as one more website Job From Home -NWOL [https://wfh-nwol.com] (her as well as her companion) - I aid when I can so if you want any services she has please drop her a note to see if you could gain from collaborating with her.